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Dec, 2 2016

Shivya Nath is the Indian travel writer with a penchant for offbeat destinations that few have been to, and fewer have written about. In 2011, at age 23, Shivya Nath quit her corporate job to travel the world and she hails from an Indian family in Dehradun, a small town at the base of the Himalayas. She blogs at The Shooting Star and the travelogues are appeared in leading Indian & international publications, including National Geographic Traveller, Lonely Planet, and The Times of India. 

The Shooting Star blog shivya nath

About her journey

                       The travel blogger wanted to travel while working with a social enterprise in India; during experiments and continued writing about her adventures. The travelouges got published in leading travel publications in India like The Hindu, The Times of India and National Geographic Traveller and her blog’s readership started growing, and the possibility of making a living on the go from blogging. 

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                        Her travels are more impulsive and chaotic now. If she find a cheap flight, she can fly halfway across the world without any planning. One of the biggest challenges for her was the mindset of the travel industry with respect to how bloggers and freelancers should be compensated. She have done her fair share of free wok in early days, and now it takes thick skin to not be bogged down by such requests! She always looking for epic adventures and unique travel goals. 

Shivya the shooting star, Shivya Nath

Travel ideas

                            Travel blogging, freelancing and making a living on the go are all the recipients for an unsteady income and also has the power to change lives, if done right. It is a perfect messenger between sustainable tourism initiatives and travellers who yearn to have authentic experiences. You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at on it the Rabindranath Tagore’s words, and they hold so true in the travel context. If you really want to travel, you have to keep moving forward, plan, save, beg, borrow, GO and there will be no better time than now. 

Indian travel blogger, Shivya Nath   shivya