Sea Lounge restaurant Mumbai

Jul, 6 2016

Sea Lounge is the perfect place to be to enjoy the best view of the Gate Way of India, the Arabian sea coast. The aroma of freshly brewd tea and baked cookies intoxicate you and they were offered an excellent spread of hot and cold beverages as well as finger foods.

Sea Lounge restaurant Mumbai

It is a great place to enjoy the ambiance, the service and the views but comparatively cheaply. It is more of a coffee shop but occupies a big area and has comfortable sofas for seating. The seating areas are very well spread out and its a place where you can laze.

Sea Lounge restaurant

Sea Lounge restaurant Mumbai 1

The restaurant have a wonderful menu items such as Bhel puri,Sev Batata puri,Pani purishot,Dahi Batata puri,Samosa chaat,Daahi Bhalla chaat and soups like Basil scented tomato soup,Millenstrone Genioese,Lemongrass and corn chowder,Wild mushroom and chicken broth,etc.