Mumbai is the place that is characterised by colour, energy and life. It is an extremely busy place to live, where the different people from various cultures, religions and economic backgrounds converge to carve a path for themselves in a city that has come to be known as the city of dreams. The rich mix of cultures, religions, and languages can be traced back to the city's long history as the country's popular destination for migrants from both India and overseas. The different religions practiced by the demographic groups living in Mumbai are an important part of cultural life. The people are generally good until proven otherwise. One who "thinks" the quality of life in Mumbai is good, may be only because they are born and brought up there and perhaps have never visited any other better city. The city has of pollution, crowd, poverty, humidity, inefficient governance, lack of public services etc. many things will make your life miserable. The city always had good public transportation, but the people that can afford cars drive everyday to work and on personal business. The local train is the best and fastest way to get around. But be attention that the train travellers follow specific rules to get in and out of trains. If you hate it, just avoid taking trains,try autorickshaws and taxis instead. Building up an enjoyable live in a city as challenging as Mumbai involves adapting the outlook and embracing the environment for what it does offer, as opposed to what it doesn't. The ability to enjoy life in Mumbai depends upon the ways in which you handle the heat, traffic, crowds, poverty and pollution. While it is certainly a place that presents expatriates with difficulties. It is the fascinating part of the world that can be compelling, eye-opening and life-changing. The city-dwellers or 'Mumbaikars', lead a very fast-paced life and spend a significant time of their lives commuting from one place to another. Apart from one of the biggest metropolitan cities in the country, Mumbai promises a high-adrenaline, foot-tapping, diverse city life to all inhabitants. Food and the festivals are the important facets of Mumbai's culture. Every Mumbaikar is passionate about the local street-fare and the celebrations like Ganesh Chathurthi, Diwali, Christmas and Eid. Since the metropolitan is observing the trends, the caste, creed and color of people take a backseat in this city. Relocating to Mumbai can be an incredible adventure for the foreigners. The expat life in Mumbai has a truly cosmopolitan flair while retaining the full ├ČIndian experience. Our InterNations guide to India's largest metropolis covers leisure, transportation, housing,etc.